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Best apps for: in-app purchase hack Android online games

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With the increasing use of Android phones every day, fascination for Android games is going too much. Gaming is a major source of entertainment for people and they tend to play the most games which are difficult to procure. There are many games in the Google Play store that require app purchase. And many people do not prefer to pay for games that is why many people lookout for shortcuts to get these games without paying any amount. Many games provide access but the most alluring aspect of the games keep locked. For example, in racing games like Mini Racing, most of the best cars are locked. Who wants to remain deprived of the best cars? The solution to this problem is to get an app purchase hack. Here is a list of apps that one can use 2 modify the game files in their root folder and use the data in their own way. They unlock the locked content.

This is a great app but not many people are aware of it. This app is easy to use and has a very simple dropdown menu. It leads to no creation of trash file folders. The in app purchase gets removed due to this app and the game Get modified in multiple ways. The limitations are that it requires rooting of the device and the paid version is better than the free one.

  • Freedom app

Freedom, just like its name provides freedom to download Android app in-app purchase. You can also get the ad free version of this app if available. A lot of features of this app do not require root access.

  • CreeHack

Creehack is another popular application to get the free in app purchase. The most popular and the toughest games can be cracked through this app. It only works on some specific games and are not applicable on all applications. The app contains a long list of all the games it can work on. it gets installed very quick and easy because the size of the application is too small.

  • Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard allows one to get paid resources for free. One can get a free version and a paid version as well. You are not required to root your device to use this app. It is free of cost and has simple GUI. The only problem is that it does not support online games.

  • Game Guardian app

Game Guardian app allows the users to alter the Android games in a very quick way. One can increase their money, gems etc. in their games. The only limitation is that it requires root access.

  • Cheat Engine

Cheat engine is one of the best options available on the internet. It creators every kind of game and lets the users procure their desired number of game. This application can be connected to the local internet. It is available to read only and page memory. The applications can be easily selected through a drop down menu. This application also requires a root access and it can only be run on a personal computer.

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These were one of the best hacks for in app purchases in android online games. If you have an idea of a new hack does share it in the comments box. Thank you for reading.

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