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SFR Strengthens Its Network with Cisco ASR 9000 series to Help Businesses Accelerate Digitization in France

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Cisco and SFR today announced major updates to SFR’s network infrastructure to help businesses in France speed their digitization plans and best prepare for a better, stronger internet for the future.  

Cisco ASR 9000 Series

Businesses continue to operate under challenging conditions amidst the pandemic and need to strengthen their business continuity plans. This requires faster access to the network and innovative collaboration solutions to connect employees, customers and partners together virtually. To support these new requirements, the network needs to scale to deliver greater performance with resiliency.

SFR, a leading communications provider in France, recently boosted its high-speed broadband internet connections, via fiber, 4G, and 5G. SFR owns the country’s first optical fiber network (FTTH / FTTB) with 20.7 million eligible FTTx connections and was the first operator in France to launch 5G, starting in the city of Nice. SFR has launched three 5G packages available to businesses on a variety of 5G devices.

SFR upgraded its network with Cisco’s most advanced mass-scale networking technologies as part of its commitment to support its business customers with their digital transformations. Powered by the fifth generation of ASR 9000 hardware that provides significant power savings, its business infrastructure backbone is now 400G-ready to cope with the increasing bandwidth needs of businesses today. With Cisco Segment Routing, SFR can provide its business customers with always-on access to their cloud services and support a broader range of service level agreements (SLAs), including low latency, that are foundational for upcoming 5G and IoT services.

  • SFR using Cisco’s newest ASR 9000 routers, along with segment routing to strengthen its backbone to support upcoming 5G and IoT services
  • Businesses looking to accelerate digitization plans and cloud ambitions need network resiliency
  • SFR continues to invest in its high-speed broadband network spanning fiber, 4G and 5G to support increased demands for always-on connections 

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