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How To Use Instagram Live For Your Business (A Quick Guide)

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Instagram Live
Instagram Live

Are you planning to go live on Instagram? Are you thinking about how to reach out to more eyes or what type of feature to use? One of the best ways to set rapport with your followers on Instagram is by using Live video. Live experiences allow viewers to communicate with you in real-time, get real-time answers to their queries, and tune in to events as they happen. According to a survey, 80% of people prefer watching a brand’s live video instead of reading a blog. In this article, we shall see four tips on how to plan, launch, and telecast your Instagram Live.

4 Tips to Create Best Instagram Live for your Businesses

1. Improve Instagram Live Broadcast

With a proper plan, you could bring in opportunities to boost engagement all over your Instagram Live telecast. Implement these tips to improve the live video:

Create a Practice Account

Suppose you are new to Instagram Live video; you might feel like a deer in the headlights when you have clicked the “Go Live” button. If it is you, the right way is to set up a dummy Instagram profile. The other account must help you rehearse as much as possible and alter your lights or audio settings until you are okay with the result. And, save the practice telecast by clicking on the download button at the top left corner when done.

Keep your Mobile Ready for Telecast Session

Do remember to keep your mobile in Do Not Disturb mode before starting your live stream. If there is a phone call while you are Live, it will disconnect your broadcast, and you will lose the audience as a result. Also, try to get a mobile tripod to mount your mobile on a solid surface or move around during the live session. While recording videos, the tripod minimizes 50% off shakes or even more. A simple entry-level tripod would do for the job.

Get Your Presentation Assets in Order

After going live on Instagram, the final thing to do is to deal with the technical blunders. Get used to the multiple components of the Live interface on Instagram. You may use live video to drive traffic to your website, so include your link in your profile bio; the audience gets directed to it while remaining on the platform. Two people on Instagram live are becoming very popular. If you want to go for it, make sure to go live first and bring in your guest to view your session. That way, you could invite them to join you live.

2. Offer Incentive to Motivate People to Attend your Instagram Live Session

Every business has to overcome procrastination. Why do people need to join a live session now instead of later? The rule applies to live videos too. Live interactions and gamification could engage viewers instead of tuning out. Here are a few ideas for making your broadcast more crucial:

  • Live Q&A: Suppose you are an expert in a specific subject and audiences can ask you queries freely; it is why people need to take part in live telecasts instead of consuming recorded videos that won’t allow them to interact.
  • Scarcity: Try to create an offer that has fewer spots. You may offer to help five people that would send DMs or generate coupon codes with a minimal number of uses or redemptions.
  • Disappearing Incentives: Scarcity achieved with a time window. Provide a limited-time incentive with a redemption deadline. Viewers watching a replay are more likely to convert if you use this option.

When you go live for the first time, you’ll get a notice informing your followers that you’ve started a live video. Keep in mind that you’re still live and being recorded at this point. Instead of waiting for viewers to arrive before starting your presentation, go ahead and start it as planned, responding to viewer feedback as needed. Make sure you know some of the fundamentals, so your audience isn’t distracted. Inviting people to leave comments or express their degree of comfort, interest, or experience with specific topics is a good idea. That allows live viewers to provide criticism and participate in the creation of the piece. Remember that many others will watch and benefit from your replay, so don’t be discouraged by a poor live turnout. After completing your live session, you can also download & save the video, share it to your in-feed posts to get auto likes on Instagram that elevates engagement and builds visibility.

3. Launch Instagram Live Telecast Before It Airs

Consider preparing pre-broadcast materials and assets to spread the word about an Instagram Live video if you need to increase awareness and viewership. Canva is a free tool that comes with a choice of size-optimized formats. I prefer to use Canvas pre-set size post and article templates to create clean, valuable images rapidly. Use postings to explain who, what, where, when, why, and how your next live video would get broadcast and the results and benefits of tuning in. You can use the promotional materials as advertisements if necessary. However, remember that ad graphics and video must have less than 20% text for complete dissemination on Facebook. Keep the text overlay feature on Facebook bookmarked so that you can quickly post photographs with text to see whether they get accepted.

4: Highlights and Reuse Your Instagram Live Video in Successive Stories Posts

Think about directing upcoming traffic to your Instagram Live video once you’ve performed it successfully. Also, consider adding your live video to a story highlight if the broadcast included content to assist future viewers beyond the 24-hour replay period in Stories. By pressing three dots at the bottom-right corner of the app and selecting Copy Highlight Link, you may copy the link of any story. Take a screenshot of the highlighted link and save it to your email list or other marketing materials.

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Instagram Live is getting more popular, yet many telecasts are reactive or miss opportunities to engage followers effectively. If you plan for your live video and maintain quality, you would cut through the clutter and engage with your audience more successfully.

What are your thoughts? Will you give any of these suggestions a shot during your next Instagram Live broadcast? 

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