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How to Choose A Digital Marketing Agency Post-Pandemic?

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Restrictions are lifting and lockdowns are ending… so we can return to running our businesses the way we used to before the pandemic – right? Maybe not. The pandemic may soon be over, but its impact has permanently changed how we approach business and digital marketing

The surge of e-commerce and online marketing has highlighted the importance of engaging in digital marketing services in Toronto, such as SEO, PPC Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Businesses are turning to digital marketing strategies to compete effectively online, but the old rules and values won’t cut it anymore. The impact of the pandemic has changed the way we approach business, shopping, and marketing, leaving virtually no industry untouched. As a result, businesses must find a digital marketing agency that understands how to help them succeed in the new virtual landscape. 

Fundamental Changes Since the Onset of The Pandemic

A lot has changed in the past few years. Lockdowns have bred innovations and increased competition; consumer expectations have evolved, and so has the way we approach digital marketing services in Toronto. Before choosing a digital marketing agency in Toronto to represent your business’s needs, we must first consider what has changed.

●     More businesses are competing online

●     Customers want a flexible shopping experience

●     Personalization matters more than ever

●     User Experience is incredibly influential

●     Branding and business values have a greater impact on consumer buying decisions

Not only should you seek out a digital marketing agency in Toronto that is aware of these evolutions, but also one that tailors strategy and planning on an industry basis to suit their client’s needs.

When these new truths are factored into your digital marketing services in Toronto and treated as priorities in the online space, you will be on your way to maximizing your results in the post-pandemic landscape.

Here are 5 qualities to look for as you choose the right digital marketing agency in Toronto for your business after the pandemic.


The adage: evolve or dissolve stands more true than ever. Digital marketing services in Toronto that are unable to understand how things have changed won’t be able to offer sustainable long-term results.

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it’s that everything can change at a moment’s notice. As you evaluate digital marketing services in Toronto, determine whether there is a willingness and an ability to adapt to curveballs? A digital marketing agency in Toronto that can pivot will be able to give you long-lasting results. If Google changes its algorithms or there is a sudden shift in your industry, the right digital marketing agency will be able to understand what that means for your business.


Unfortunately, copy + paste strategies just won’t cut it for PPC marketing, Social Media, or Search Engine Optimization services. We know now more than ever that customer segmentation is key to success for businesses looking to leverage digital marketing services in Toronto. A WordPress Development Company can come up with a generic plan that may even generate some results. But success and ROI from your strategy lie in how your digital marketing agency can tailor tactics to your target demographics based on your industry, competitors, and services.

Quality Content

Good content marketing is more than trying to write about key phrases. It begins with understanding what target audiences are actively seeking and then providing answers and resources they deem valuable. As you evaluate local SEO services, focus on digital marketing firms that emphasize the importance of both SEO key phrases and Quality Content. One without the other is a missed opportunity to maximize sales and retain online visitors.


According to HubSpot research, only 17% of marketers leveraged A/B testing to improve conversion rates for landing pages. Analytics are imperative to a successful digital marketing strategy. The agency of your choice should recognize the important role testing and analytics play in developing a successful strategy. When it comes to finding the best digital marketing agency in Toronto, you would see better results with a team that runs tests and incorporates performance insights into their strategies. Without the proper use of analytics, you’re not optimizing your plan or maximizing the potential for better results.

Full-Range of Digital Marketing Services in Toronto

Customers want options when it comes to interacting with brands. They want websites, social media accounts, phone lines, emails, chatbots, e-commerce, and traditional brick-and-mortar. As a result, businesses have to find a way to offer their target customers a cohesive and seamless omnichannel experience that mends the physical and digital worlds.

Businesses that want to meet their customers’ heightened expectations should work with a firm that offers a full range of digital marketing services in Toronto. From website and app development to search engine optimization services and social media marketing, a digital marketing agency in Toronto that offers expertise in all of these areas is the best bet.

Why Xi Digital?

Xi Digital is a versatile boutique digital marketing agency that offers local search engine optimization services, PPC marketing, content marketing, web development services, and branding services. Our team leverages industry-based insight, years of experience, and customer insights to develop custom marketing plans designed to deliver practical results. We are passionate about staying well ahead of the curve, and we are ready to help companies with advanced, post-pandemic digital strategies that will deliver impressive results!

Contact our team or visit us online at xi-digital.com to learn how you can amplify your results with digital marketing.

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