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Top 5 Free Escape Games for iOS and Android

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The best things about escape rooms and breakout puzzle games are their diversity and the amount of uniqueness present in every clue and stage. It is impossible to feel bored in any room of these escape games because each of them focuses on the detailing and the immersive effects to make everything appear real. Yes, throughout the game, you will feel as if the events are a part of your reality and happening with you. You won’t even feel like it’s an artificial game and that its story and the background effects are made up. 

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While the real-life and live-action escape room-like Breakout escape rooms and their games are unbeatable in terms of real-time action and puzzle sequences in a themed room, their online versions have enough standalone qualities to make them equally appealing and enjoyable to play. Now available on almost all mobile OS, you can select any similar escape game and lose yourself in their amazing riddles, scenic gameplay, and promising lore. For your reference, here are the 5 free escape games accessible for both iOS and Androids platforms: 

1.      True Fear: Forsaken Souls I 

True Fear is ranked as a well-acclaimed and mind-bending escape room game sure to leave you feeling tongue-tied throughout its eerie setting. Mixing the finest elements of psychological thriller and intuitive gameplay, it delivers a perfect horror game with an equally thrilling story and background. 

The plot behind this escape room game is made with unexpected twists and turns and takes you on an intense journey to solve all the puzzles in your way and look for hidden and secret clues in objects around you. If you’re a diehard horror fan, Forsaken Souls I will make you fall hard for its graphical horror theme and supernatural lore delivery. 

2.      Can You Escape the 100 Room V 

Improved and enthralling, Can You Escape the Room level 5 is a classic and an action-packed and thrilling escape room game. With a cool and mysterious sound effect to add to the setting of the gameplay, its intuitive mechanics are easy to catch up with and understand. You will be left alone in the premise to figure out the answers to the puzzles and solve them to move to the next round. 

At every step, you will have to hack your gray matter to look for hidden clues and secret messages for the answer. So, do you think you have it in you to stay focused and observe your surroundings to calculate and break out of these 50 escape rooms? 

3.      War Escape 

A great online and story mode escape room, this war-themed breakout puzzle will give you one of the best action-horror adventures. To win and defeat the lair of monsters attacking the B. O. B. city, you must use your wits and reflexes to escape from the place alive. 

Your intelligence and the ability to make quick decisions in tricky and unexpected situations is the driving force for changing the flow of this game. Out of the nine levels, 8 of them are set up in the underground and will take you on an exploratory journey of an enjoyable and hard-to-put-down escape room game. 

4.      Cube Escape: Paradox 

The paradox is the tenth game in the Cube Escape game series. It is set in two different locations – the Paradox Room and the Forest and revolves around the detective protagonist Dave Vandermeer, inspired by the escape room games. Stuck in an ominous and unfamiliar room without his memories and past recollections, it is now up to you to help Dave solve all the increasingly tricky and testing puzzles to escape from the place and gain back his memories.

 It is implemented with psychosomatic and eerie effects; this escape room hits the spot in serving the classic lore with gripping imagery and details. 

5.      Nox – Mystery Adventure Escape 

Considered one of the best online escape room games, it has a stylish setting that relies less on horror and psychological elements and more on the uncanny and mysterious effects. It does the perfect job of creating a chilling atmosphere throughout the escape room, where your cool-headedness is required to find out the mystery behind each room in the eerie and strange building you’re trapped in. 

Its environment isn’t meant to terrify you but to make you feel uneasy at every step. You will be compelled to look back and recheck some objects or the previous location and feel the urge to retrace your moves due to the increasing unnerving atmosphere. Based heavily on storytelling and a compelling plot, you should give it a try if you fancy escape rooms with extremely minute details and plenty of hidden secrets. 


The quality and effects of these escape room games are delivered better when you use their apps for playing. The impact the escape room games have on us is tremendous because we can feel the adrenaline pumping in our veins and how we are left on the edge of the seat as we try to solve a puzzle and give ours all to completing a challenge before the time’s up. 

The above games are considered some of the best escape room games for mobile OS and are a favorite for many gamers and escape room enthusiasts. To see the hype and appreciation surrounding them, go ahead and check them out for yourself. We assure you all of them will be satisfying and fun. 

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writers at https://breakout.in/. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut.

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