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Successful Methodology to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard Layout

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Spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel are widely utilized. Even now, a lot of people use it to store a lot of email addresses in databases, making it the most widely used tool for creating lists. Because MS Excel does not require any complicated tools that consumers cannot grasp, tasks like creating email address databases and maintaining email address contact lists are simple to do. As such, a large number of people continue to save their email contacts in Excel files to this day.

A Simple Tool to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard Layout

These days, as time goes on, software and technology developments create an increasing number of new demands. Individuals who use Excel to keep email databases have long desired a tool that would allow them to import these email contacts straight into their email application, saving them the trouble of having to enter each subsequent item twice.

Additionally, those who owned expensive devices like Palmtops and mobile phones like iPhones and Blackberries desired to import their Excel contacts straight into these gadgets. We developed a software utility to convert Excel to vCard, a common format used by many email client applications (like Lotus Notes) and other devices (like Palm, mobile, etc.) in response to these demands.

vCard has an extension called VCF. A single piece of software with several uses is the Excel to VCF conversion utility.

One piece of software has several uses.

Using this DataVare Address Book Manager, you can do the following:

  • Convert Excel to the email program Lotus Notes.
  • Transfer Excel to Windows Address Book (WAB) format.
  • Exchange contacts between Excel and BlackBerry
  • Connect contacts to the iPhone using Excel.
  • Excel to vCard Mac transfer
  • Move contacts from Excel to the Windows Vista Contacts Address Book.
  • Export Excel contacts to Palm.
  • Open the Linux Kontact program and import Excel contacts.
  • Send ThunderBird Excel contacts.

Excel to vCards is quite helpful and advantageous for a lot of users because vCards are supported by a lot of email clients, Palms, and mobile devices like Blackberries and iPhones, etc.

Is There an Easy Way to Convert Excel to vCard?

The question of how to easily convert Excel to a VCF must be nagging in the back of your mind if you’ve decided to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard Layout. Remain calm! The program will provide you with an accurate response to your query. Whichever email client you choose to use—an iPhone, Palm, or other—you can convert Excel contacts to it.

The Address Book Manager Tool will make the conversion process as simple as possible for any application that accepts vCards. All Excel (.xls) contacts can be converted into vCard (.vcf) format with this program, i.e.

Excel will be exported to VCF, which you can then import into any necessary program to import those VCF contacts.

Learn about the DataVare Address Book Manager Software by utilizing our excellent Excel contacts conversion solution, the XLS to VCF conversion application. Your whole Excel database is effectively converted to vCard. The application can also move VCF contacts to CSV, PST, Excel, OST, MSG, and many other file formats without needing additional software. Grab the free trial edition of this tool without any payment.

What the DataVare Address Book Manager Tool Has to Offer?

For conversion, Microsoft Outlook is not required. Installing Microsoft Outlook on the machine where you wish to convert Excel to vCards—that is, software that works well with Microsoft Outlook—is not necessary in order to utilize the Address Book Manager Tool.

Address Book software

Properties & Certain Features of the Application

  • An infinite number of contacts can be converted: You can convert an infinite number of contacts from Excel to vCard with the aid of this program.
  • Contacts with an infinite list of names can be converted: This indicates that you can transform any range of contact names using this tool. Names can be converted into an infinite range.
  • For each contact, you receive a VCF file. 
  • Every contact in the Excel database that is converted to a vCard by this Excel to VCF converter program will have a VCF file created for them.
  • Fields can be mapped: The Address Book Manager Tool makes it simple to map specific fields, so you can associate Excel contact fields with the appropriate VCF file properties.
  • Contacts with blank email address fields can be converted: You can use this program to import contacts from Excel into vCard that have blank email address fields.

Easy, Quick, & Secure Excel to VCF conversion

Because of the software’s user-friendly design and clear on-screen instructions, even non-techies can easily operate the Address Book Manager Tool.
Because there are only a few phases in the process and each one doesn’t take long, the program converts Excel to vCards quickly.
With this program, converting Excel contacts to VCF is completely secure because no contact information will be altered, removed, or lost in the process.

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