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Tips for managing business presentations

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business presentations
business presentations

Whether you are a senior business professional with years of experience in your field, or you have just started climbing up the career ladders, you probably got yourself in a situation when you needed to prepare a presentation. Business presentations are very important in every business industry and at every level of working experience. Every time you want to pitch an idea to your boss, to close a deal with a new client or to present something at the board meeting, you need a business presentation.

PowerPoint is one of the most common programs for creating and editing presentations. There are even PowerPoint alternative applications, with similar features but free of charge. So, if you deal with business presentations you are probably familiar with PowerPoint and its features.

Can you do it better?

Even though you are quite experienced with making presentations, there are always additional tricks that can help you save time and finish your job efficiently.

Make your presentations accessible

When you are using PowerPoint or other similar presentation programs, you should know that your presentation won’t necessarily look the same when presented on other devices. For instance, if you want to print a presentation, to send it to your colleague who used different operating system or to present it on a projector, you should better save your presentation in PDF.

PDF files can be viewed everywhere, on every mobile device and every computer. Plus, PDF files are better for printing. Furthermore, if you want to store your presentations it is better to keep them in PDF, they will keep the layout intact even if you change the operating system or a presentation program.

Reuse old presentations

business presentations

Next time you want to make a presentation that is similar to one of your old PDF slides, you can use the free PDF to PPT Converter tool to extract content from a PDF. It will save you a lot of time because you don’t need to make a totally new presentation. You will just need to convert the PDF file to PowerPoint and make changes in the converted file.

This tool mentioned above is very simple to use, just upload a PDF, enter your email address and click on the “Start” button. When the conversion is completed, you will receive a .pptx file in your inbox. There are no limits on the file size, so you can even upload bigger PDF files. What is more, you can convert scanned PDF files as well. So, even if you want to reuse an old presentation that you have on paper, you can scan the paper and save it as a PDF on your computer. Then you can extract the content from the scanned file, in the same way, you did with a regular PDF presentation.

No need to lose time on creating presentations from scratch when you can reuse old PDF slides with this PDF to PowerPoint converter. It is good to mention that even though you are asked for an email address to use the tool, your email and any other personal information including the file are totally protected. The company guarantees that your email is not sold to third parties and conversions are done by servers automatically, not by individuals.

Edit your presentations on the go

Another time-saving trick is to handle your business presentations on your mobile phone. This is very handy when you need to quickly make changes to your presentation at the last minute. You don’t need to install anything, just visit the same PDF to PPT tool mentioned above, it works on mobile browsers as well. It works on every operating system and a mobile device, and the only thing you need to use the tool is an internet connection.

When the file is converted, you can download it on the same device and open it in any presentation viewer. Wherever you are, you will be able to quickly make changes to your device before the presentation starts.

Design ideas and PowerPoint templates

No matter how good you at are creating compelling presentations, you can rely on PPT templates and design ideas available in PowerPoint. There are hundreds of free templates available, that can save you some time for other things such as preparing content for the presentation.

It is never enough learning new tricks and advanced techniques in PowerPoint. Your boss will appreciate it and your clients will like your presentations.

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