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Professional Tips & Tricks to Convert Excel Contacts to VCF/vCard

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Are you curious about how to convert an Excel file (xlsx to vcf) into a vCard? You’re in the right place if the answer is yes. Microsoft Excel is the simplest method for saving contacts and other data on a PC. For this reason, the majority of people and businesses keep their contact details in Excel files. Well, spreadsheets make handling, arranging, and formatting data or information simple. Formulas allow you to compute and work with the data. Additionally, some people purchase or obtain contact details in xlsx files from various sources for business needs.

Bulk SMS services and business software allow you to import contacts and data from spreadsheets into Excel files. Yet, vCard (vcf) files are still required in order to import contacts into email clients, cloud services, and mobile devices. Therefore, you might need to convert your xlsx file to a VCF file if you need to import the contacts from it.

I will thus demonstrate how to convert an Excel file to a vCard (xlsx to vcf) in this article.

Use Software to Convert Excel to vCard

The entire procedure is made simpler by tools and software. All contacts are stored in a separate file in the absence of software. It thus becomes challenging to manage several files. After conversion, the folder will contain 100 files, regardless of the number of contacts you have. Thus, there are software solutions accessible to solve this issue. No-cost software The most used programs are “CSV TO VCARD” and “GainTools Address Book Manager Tool.” Though it costs money, the GainTools converter offers many powerful capabilities. Up to 25 entries can be transformed with the trial version.

Using the Address Book Manager Tool from GainTools

This software comes with advanced features, and you don’t need to convert your XLS file into VCF format. This software automatically does the entire job. However, the tool is paid, but it converts up to a few entries for free from the Excel file.

  • Installing the GainTools Address Book Manager Tool software on your computer is the first step.
  • The instructions for using this software are listed below.
select import export contacts
  • Import the XLSX file into the Address Book Manager Tool by opening it. To do this, choose the file by clicking the browse button.
  • A file preview is now displayed by the utility. Press the next button.
choose file format
  • Choose the vCard and Excel fields from the map column. Press the next button.
  • Save the location after choosing the vCard version. Next, select the “Convert” button.
  • View the outcomes by opening the folder.
click next button

The GainTools Address Book Manager Features Include:

  • Open and see XLSX file previews.
  • Provides three different vCard file export options.
  • Bring in a list of unused email addresses.
  • Location of default saving.

A VCF (vCard) File: What Is It?

The virtual card format is represented by the file format VCF (vCard). This is a digital business card. Contact details such as name, phone number, email address, address, photo, and website are stored in this format. Additionally, it enables custom fields, so you can quickly create a new field to suit your needs. Additionally, you can email and exchange contact information online with vCard. The vCards are usable by almost all email providers. Additionally, operating systems come with built-in tools for making and reading vCards. Every desktop and mobile operating system, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, has a built-in contact application or software that is compatible with vCards.

Additionally, use the VCF file feature that all major OSs offer to import and export contacts. Text is used to store the information in vCards (VCF files). Thus, by opening the file in Notepad, TextEdit, or any other text editor, you can read the contents with ease.

An Excel File (.xlsx and.xls) is What?

An MS Excel spreadsheet file generated by Microsoft Excel is called xlsx. Other applications, such as OpenOffice, Google Sheets, LibreOffice, and Apple Numbers, can also create the file. The data and other information are stored using tables, which are made up of rows and columns.

You can organize the data with ease thanks to the tables. You can also apply formulas for computations and make changes. Charts can also be used to display the data. Excel spreadsheets are used by most firms for this reason.

Mixing XLSX & XLS Files

There is a distinction between these two file types, even though the Excel program developed each of them. Whereas XLSX uses Open XML, the XLS format utilizes the proprietary binary format. The XLS format is used by Microsoft Excel 2007 and subsequent editions, while the XLS format is used by all earlier versions.

In Summary,

You have learned how to change an Excel file (.xlsx) into a vCard file. You don’t need software to accomplish it. Additionally, you can get internet tools for free. You can make a different file for each contact without the need for any program. Well, managing several files is not easy. However, the software’s ease of use lies in its ability to convert files. Additionally, you can store all of your contacts in a single vCard file, which you can then use to import contacts into any email client, cloud service, or phone.

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