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How to Enable Printing on A PDF Document in Easy Steps

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In today’s digital world, saving documents in PDF format makes it easy to share them without worrying about them being accessed or tampered with unauthorizedly. PDF is the most common document format for sharing data, why? Well because of its powerful features, PDF is a widely used file format in various sectors. It is easy to secure a PDF document with dual password protection, i.e., user/open password that will disallow opening a PDF without the correct password and the second one is owner/master password that will allow opening a PDF document, but with disabled rights such as printing, editing, copying, etc.

Many times, it happens that users receive some PDF files for printing purposes, but they are unable to print them. When they ask for a password to remove this restriction, the sender is unable to recall the exact password. Without the removal of password security, you can’t enable PDF for printing or performing any other function such as copying, editing, etc. and in this situation, the only question that strikes our mind is, how to enable printing on a PDF document?

User queries

Why is my PDF locked for printing?

A few days ago, my son got some assignments in PDF format that he had to complete in his notebook. When I tried to print the PDF, I was unable to tap the Print Icon. (I noticed that it was greyed out). When I checked the document properties, it showed that it had the printing function disabled. I tried to contact his concerned teacher about this problem, but he also had no idea about it. Now I don’t know how to enable PDF to print. If someone has the solution, then please help me.

  • Samuel

We are four friends who are working on our college project and have to give a presentation next week. But before that, we need to submit the project file to our HOD. Everything is ready, the project is almost complete and I was thinking of printing it to avoid last-minute chaos. But what I see is that the PDF file has the printing function disabled. When I asked my friend about the password, he told me that he just used a random password to disable the print function and forgot what it was. He didn’t even bother to write it anywhere. I am helpless and hopeless now. Can someone please suggest to me how I enable print disabled in PDF?

  • Jimmy

How to Allow Print PDF File Permissions

To enable PDF for printing and performing other functions, you need to use a professional utility such as PDF Unlocker Tool. The utility is simple to use and provides an efficient solution for users who want to know how to print secured PDF documents in bulk. The tool is capable of removing both user-level password and owner-level password security from PDF documents without any difficulties.

The utility is completely independent and doesn’t need Acrobat Reader or any other application to remove PDF printing and other restrictions of copying, editing, etc. The tool provides an effortless and painless PDF unlocking experience for users and that too without worrying about data loss issues.

How to Print Secured PDF – Know Complete Guide

  • First download and install PDF Unlocker Tool
  • Add secured PDF files using the Add Files and Add Folders buttons
  • Remove any unnecessary PDF file using the Remove File/ Remove All buttons, if you wish to
  • Click on the change button to choose the destination location for saving files
  • The software will start the PDF restriction removal process and show its live status. (Note: If any PDF file is user password protected, then you are required to enter the same when the software asks for it, to continue the process.)
  • After the successful completion of the process, the tool will open a new message window, showing the process completion message.

Key Features of PDF Print Restriction Remover

  • Supports batch mode option to remove print protection from multiple PDF files at once
  • Perform a selective PDF unlocking process for print restriction removal from required PDFs only
  • Provides an option to choose a saving location to save resultant files
  • Simple GUI enables effortless unlocking of PDF files without any data loss
  • No need for an external application is required to remove print restrictions from PDF documents
  • Suitable for all Windows OS editions.


Q. Why is my PDF locked for printing? How can I unlock it?

A. Your PDF file has PDF print restriction enabled on it. this is why it is locked for printing and showing a disabled (greyed out) print icon. Using a professional PDF Unlocker Tool, you can easily remove print restrictions from PDF.

Q. How do I enable print disabled in PDF?

A. Download PDF Restriction Remover and follow these simple steps to enable print disabled in PDF :

Add PDF files/folder >> Choose required files >> Change saving location, if required >> Press Unlock button to start the process

Q. Can I use a tool on Windows 11?

A. Absolutely yes, you can run this software on all Windows OS editions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and all earlier editions.


Using a professional approach, you can easily and effortlessly resolve your queries regarding how to enable printing on a PDF document. The suggested solution is easy to use for all users, irrespective of their technical backgrounds, and provides a PDF unlocking solution without accurate complete data. You can even try the free demo edition of the software and check its working efficiency, absolutely free of charge.

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