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Effective Ways to Use Instagram Feeds on Squarespace Website

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use instagram feeds
use instagram feeds

As the internet is taking over the world, having a website is a must. “With great power comes great responsibility,” quoted from one superhero movie. Similarly, while building a website, comes the responsibility to make it more attractive.

In recent times, Squarespace has emerged as one of the best website building platforms, as it simplifies website building and makes it manageable. However, while Squarespace makes website building easy, Instagram helps you to beautify.

How? – We all know that images, videos, and visual media add grace and beauty to the website. But sometimes, they might affect the website speed, and you have to keep changing, so the website does not look monotonous. And therefore, businesses are opting to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website.

We all know that Instagram is a hub of engaging, entertaining, and vibrant-looking visual-based content. By integrating Instagram with the website, you can carry these types of content to your website.

Various tools like social media aggregators help you in this cause and make your embedding process simpler. Also, most of them refresh the feed with the latest content automatically and showcase the feed without affecting the website speed.

Instagram has ample content on the platform, but one cannot showcase all on the website. There might be some content unrelated to your brand or does not help your cause. This blog has listed types of Instagram feeds that you can display on your website. These feeds can help you in making your website more relatable, functional, and attractive. And eventually can help you in obtaining your business goals.

Instagram Feed Ideas for Squarespace Website

Having an attractive website can help you in the long run, it helps you attract more visitors and build a market reputation. Using Instagram feed is a smart way to get to this cause, but it is equally important to have relatable content on the website. And these are a few ideas for that;

Handle Feed

Displaying content from your own Instagram handle can be an effective marketing strategy. There are various benefits to it. But let’s focus on a few of the major advantages.

Firstly, the visitor will get to know about your Instagram presence. There might be chances that people aren’t aware of your Instagram presence, affecting your Instagram following strength. People often determine the quality and reputation of a brand based on its social media strength. It gives consumers a sneak into your social media presence and as they have the option to “Follow” you there, it might help increase your followers.

Secondly, by embedding feeds from your own handle, you can showcase all the latest updated Instagram feeds to your website visitors. For example, you can market any limited-time sale or showcase the images of your limited stock product—all these help to develop an interest in the minds of the visitors.

Thirdly, It also enables you to display any advertisement, teaser, or behind-the-scenes of any of your products. All these types of content engage the visitors and encourage them to stay on the website for more time.

Mention feed

People often post images or upload content using a particular product and mention/tag the brand. You can gather all these types of content and display them on your website as a mention feed.

Mention feed can do wonders for your business. It works as social proof, which eventually helps you in building credibility. And also, it assists your potential customers in making their purchase decision.

Also, people get to know about different use cases of your product. People often use it creatively and show different usages of a particular product. In addition, consumers also upload – ‘unboxing videos’. These unboxing videos help consumers to know the product better, helps to build trust, and also provide them with details about a particular product.

Sometimes people also provide their feedback and reviews using the mentioned feature of Instagram. You can use them as your testimonials and build reliability.

Hashtag feed

Hashtags are marketing gold. They have the capability to make a brand. It helps brands reach their target audience and eventually helps businesses gather some market reputation and recognition.

By opting to embed a hashtag feed on the website, you can boost your hashtag campaign. It helps to spread awareness about your hashtag campaign and market it. Also, people feel valued when a brand showcases its content on the website. Therefore, it encourages them to make such content using your hashtag. And at the same time, it inspires other content creators to make content using your hashtag and enjoy the limelight on your website.

Summing It Up

Instagram is an influential social media platform. It consists of a huge user base that can help your business grow and prosper. By opting to embed Instagram feed on the Squarespace website, one can benefit from the platform and take the business to the next level. While adding an Instagram feed to the website is a smart marketing maneuver, it is also important to use it effectively. The above tips can help you in this case. So go ahead, try them now and obtain your business goals.

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