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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

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If you enter educational technology in any way, you need to keep up with the latest news and trends. Educational technology is developing at an alarming rate and is changing almost every day. Many educational websites and calculators such as hyperbola equation calculators are available on the internet for help during education. The best place to find high-quality information on hyperbola standard form and any other topic from reliable sources is research journals.


Journal of Technology Research in Education (JRTE) publishes articles about original research on topics like hyperbola education calculator, project description/evaluation, literature synthesis, contemporary evaluation, and theoretical or conceptual positions of educational technology in teaching and learning and teaching. School practice P-16.

Journal of Education Technology

Although the Education Research Association publishes the journal, it provides a global report on the development of educational technology at all levels of education.

Computers and Education

A magazine showing how digital technology can improve education, such as a hyperbola calculator, which is used for several mathematical operations, needs to put equation and the online calculator to provide all information and results about the equation of a hyperbola. A magazine article is aimed at the education sector.


Manuscripts submitted to JRTE must contain between 4,000 and 8,000 words, including title page, abstract (approximately 100 words), manuscript text, examples, references, and tables. And count.


Save all the components of the manuscript in a single Word .doc or .docx file. For example, if you want to write on a hyperbola calculator, you need to add all related information on the hyperbola standard form in document form. The margins on all sides should be one inch.

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education

This journal is aimed at higher education and contains articles on higher education technology and teaching and management technology. In order to provide information about the equation of a hyperbola, it will provide all information about how to teach and how to manage the students.

Journal of Digital Learning Teacher Education

A journal published quarterly in cooperation with the ISTE Teacher Educator Professional Learning Network contains articles on the use of digital technology in teacher education. The magazine is only open to ISTE members that provide essential information about the Journal of Research on Technology in Education.

Educational Technology Research Journal

A journal which is published by the International Institute of Educational Technology (ISTE) for the research on technology in education, the magazine publishes research articles, project reviews, etc. The magazine is only open to ISTE members.

Computer Assisted Learning Journal

To make the experience accessible, the journal covers all applications of information and communication technology in education. Provide information for researchers and those seeking cutting-edge technology like hyperbola equation calculator and distance learning knowledge.

Study Technology Research

The journal is published by the Learning Technology Association and aims to advance learning technology from online learning to social media.

Journal of Technology Research in Education H-Index

The Hirsch index of the Journal of Technology Research in Education is 63, which means that the number of citations, citation efficiency, and citation effect of 63 articles of the journal in the publication is all More than 63 times. Defined as the maximum value of h for journals/authors published h articles that have been cited at least h times.

Tech Trends

Published by the Educational Communication and Technology Association since 1985, Tech Trends covers a wide range of technical topics for educators and technicians, such as hyperbola calculators. The content of the article covers the application of technology management and educational technology in other fields.

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