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The benefits of having a click-to-call widget for your website

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The growth of business websites is continuously skyrocketing to new heights. Every year, more and more businesses are relying on their websites to increase sales.

There are hundreds of businesses websites that customers can browse to buy a product or service. Your website may be getting visitors, but if you cannot convert them into leads, it’s not worth the effort. How will you make sure prospects don’t falter to buy from your business in this heavy competition? The answer lies with the click-to-call widget.

A click-to-call widget is a web solution that connects you and your prospects with a single click of a button. People become more interested in a business when they can interact with a real person. With this widget, you can do just that and distinguish your business from your competitors.

10 benefits of having a click-to-call widget on your website

To define a click-to-call widget, a simple button on a website automatically calls a phone number when clicking on it or prompts visitors to submit their phone number for an instant callback. Such a simple feature, but it holds a huge potential in growing a business. Your business can find many benefits by embedding it on their business website. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Easily accessible to visitors

Visitors will stick to your website when they can contact you; otherwise, they move on to your competitors. With a click-to-call widget on your website, prospects have a way to easily reach out to you. It can be placed anywhere on a website where it is clearly visible to the visitors.

Prospects don’t have to waste their time to find your number when it’s always present right in front of their eyes. Most prospects don’t even bother to look for a number and leave. That’s why click-to-call is necessary for their ease. A recent trend suggests that 7 out of 10 visitors click the widget to query the product. They are more comfortable using the widget on the website rather than making a call themselves.

2. Generates sales lead

The click-to-call widget is a lead-generating magnet. Having such a widget on your website will attract visitors to contact you. This is a great way to make a list of potential leads that are actually interested in buying from you. The chances of generating sales leads are increased by 400%. You can get the perspective of your leads on what they are looking for and give them a deal they want.

Some powerful click-to-call widget trigger prompts that offer the leads special offers to prevent them from going to other websites. This looks like a simple strategy, but it gives you a 50/50 chance of changing leads’ minds and sticking to your website.

Also, this widget enables you to make multiple outbound calls to customers by integrating with CRM tools. CRM integration like Sales dialer allows to automatically dialing the numbers of customers collected via the click-to-call widget.

3. Increases revenue

The click-to-call widget can be considered as a Click To Action (CTA) that brings a high conversion rate of potential leads into paying customers. More conversion means an increase in your business’s revenue. According to a survey, there is a 45% increase seen in revenue after installing the click-to-call widget.

The simple explanation of why you are getting more sales is because customers are directly interacting with you. Also, visitors are staying on the website for a longer period of time which can hugely impact the ranking of your website. A higher ranking means higher chances of people seeing your website in their search results and visiting your website.

4. Enhances customer experience

Customer experience is crucial to make people like or dislike your business. Customers need a fast and accurate response to their queries. They can get the information from your site, but they prefer to ask a real person on the phone. By embedding a click-to-call widget on your website, you are giving your customers an easy route to ask queries. It’s a successful move to make a better customer experience.

60% of prospects become invested in the business, which provides a faster response to their queries. These responses are extremely important for prospects to make decisions. 6 out of 10 customers prefer receiving a response on the phone rather than finding it on the business website.

5. Swift widget installation

The click-to-call widget intrigues the visitors to your brand, but it is still very simple to install. The cloud telephony platform will provide you with a small snippet of code that you need to add to your website’s codes.

 If you want to add it yourself, you don’t even need to have coding experience to add a piece of code to your website. Your platform will guide you on how to do it. The best about this code is that you can add it to any part of your website wherever you want it to be seen.

6. Boosts marketing strategy

An important aspect of any website marketing strategy is to test which advertisements or webpage are performing better. You can add the click-to-call widget on ads or landing webpages to see which are performing better by analyzing the calls you receive. You can also add multiple widgets attached to different phone numbers to see which phone number is stacking more calls.

Click-to-call widgets are tied to tools like Google Analytics or CRM that collects data of all ads or webpages. Such information helps in boosting your marketing strategy. It helps you understand how your strategies are performing and make changes to improve the quality of your strategy.

7. Customize widget

The click-to-call widget enables you to customize the widget to match the theme of your brand. You can change colors, shapes, appearance, and more to fit your website’s look. For example, the click-to-call widget from KrispCall enables text personalization, pop-up personalization, custom buttons, and animations.

It is necessary to style the widget’s looks so that it does not look out of place on your website. A nice-looking widget attracts visitors to click on it.

8. Collects visitor’s phone number

Some click-to-call widget asks visitors for their phone when they click on it. After they submit the number, businesses give them a callback to take their queries. Here both customers and businesses have an advantage. Customers don’t have to spend money to call you since you will be calling them back. On the other hand, you now have a customer number to keep making follow-up calls to keep the interaction going with customers.

5 out of 10 potential customers convert into actual customers when businesses make at least 3 follow-up calls. There is no need for a fourth call as it gives a bad image of your business in customers’ eyes.

9. Create an ideal customer profile

The most crucial thing to know when running a business is who your target audience is. It all relies on the type of product your business is offering. The click-to-call widget is really useful in this situation. This widget connects you with a variety of consumers from whom you can obtain crucial product information.

A click-to-call widget can assist you in discovering what your ideal customers are looking for. It aids in the identification of common behaviors among your target audience and the collection of user personas. In general, it enables you to develop a client profile that is appropriate for you. This profile is essential for your business to develop a sales strategy. It helps your business to grow 3 times more with an ideal customer profile.

10. Retain customers

The click-to-call widget is becoming an essential part of the sales process. It is required in order to increase customer retention. The human side of your website is reflected everywhere a customer calls you. This is crucial since it establishes your likeability, friendliness, and willingness to assist the customers. It allows customers to contact you whenever and wherever they want, without having to wait.

Agents who have been pre-briefed with caller information provide useful assistance to customers. The fact that calls can be directed to the appropriate agents via intelligent routing helps customers to get what they need. More than 65% of customers stick to the business that constantly gives the best services and keeps coming back to your website rather than choosing other businesses.

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Noteworthy stats of Click-to-Call Widget

  • Over 70% of mobile users use the click-to-call widget, indicating that customer-to-customer phone calls are a significant channel for prospects.
  • 61% of mobile searchers rated click-to-call as ‘Very Important’ during the decision-making process of their purchase.
  • 35% of clients are dissatisfied when a company does not offer a click-to-call widget.
  • 47% of customers are more inclined to look for alternative brands or competitors if they can’t reach the business directly by a phone call via click-to-call widget.
  • Google search results of customers convert to over 40 million calls every month because of click-to-dial widgets.

To sum up

The click-to-call widget is a simple yet genius feature to convert your target audience to a real audience quickly. Its addition can streamline the sales process of your business in the most efficient manner.

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